One of the things you hear over and over in the holistic realm is how fantastic detoxing your liver can be for your digestion and metabolism.

But more often than not, strong liver detoxes are not the right answer.

In some cases, prolonged liver detoxes can actually begin to overwork and damage your liver.

Your liver is already a detox organ and, with the right support, can give you the best detox ever!!

Here are three ways to support your liver – WITHOUT a potentially harmful, forced detox!

1. Milk Thistle
Everyone who works with herbs long enough comes across Milk Thistle and its amazing liver support qualities. The active ingredient, silymarin, is an antiinflammatory and antioxidant. Traditionally, people with sugar issues and liver problems have found this herb to be extremely effective in their quest for better endocrine function.

​2. Solar Plexus Chakra Exercises
Supporting the solar plexus energies support the liver. Balance using yellow and purple colors, adding crystals such as citrine and amber, and woodsy scented essential oils like cedar. Add in balance for other connected chakras such as the throat or root.

​3. Balance the TCM wood energy phase by actively seeking happiness
Wood energy is directly connected to the liver, and anger is part of the wood energies… the seat of anger is actually the liver. Even though anger is a symptom to some extent, balancing that emotion can also help to balance the energies and create a “happier” liver.

What are your favorite ways to support your liver?