Reiki and Aromatherapy can be combined to be extremely effective in helping people struggling with poor sleep quality. Individually, both have been shown to improve quality of life, and together they can make a powerful difference! When used properly, both Reiki and Aromatherapy can be wonderful complementary therapies to help promote restful sleep.

Easier time falling asleep

When you are having a hard time getting to sleep, regular Reiki sessions can help to make a difference in the evening. If your mind is racing or you’re dealing with anxious thoughts, you may join the thousands of people who turn to Reiki for relief. One of my favorite practitioners said that clients who are struggling with falling asleep find Reiki sessions help them connect with that feeling of relaxation that they are lacking.

Combining this with the effects Aromatherapy has on the limbic system mean an even more relaxed state when trying to fall asleep. Certain essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, and vanilla extract help to promote the soothing energies needed to encourage relaxation.

Promotes staying asleep

When struggling with staying asleep, you may feel as if it is out of your control. The good news is there are things that you can do to help! Essential oils that promote grounding can also be helpful in prolonging sleep. Cedarwood, frankincense, and clary sage can all be used to ground. Creating a blend and adding it to a lotion base to use right before bed can help to promote the effects.

On top of a personalized blend, consistently receiving Reiki or other energy healing forms can help to make night time snoozing easier. When receiving Reiki to keep your body more relaxed during the day, it makes it easier to slip into a deeper sleep at night.

Reduces stressful sleep events

Sometimes the sleep itself is not the issue: it is the nightmares or other sleep-related events that make sleep stressful instead of rejuvenating. I actually suffered from hypnopompic hallucinations for awhile (a form of sleep paralysis). Because they were brought on by stress, Reiki was my first step toward resolving them.

Aromatherapy to address stressful sleep events varies based on underlying issues. When sleep patterns are off, a morning rejuvenating blend can be as helpful as an evening relaxing blend. There are several citrus options that can be beneficial including neroli, tangerine, and bergamot.

Work with a practitioner to pinpoint your personal needs

With my in-person clients, I formulate a personalized blend of essential oils each time we work together (distance clients can also receive this for the price of shipping). I also create a personalized constitutionally guided meditation for each client that helps them stay balanced in between sessions.

Between the hundreds of essential oil options and the thousands of energy healing meditation options, it can be hard to know what is going to work best for you. Working with someone like me can help you to create a plan that will hit exactly what you need to regain your balance and reclaim your Zzzzs!


Larabeth Guthrie is the founder of the Qi Do School and Clinic. She sees clients in person and over distance. Click here to get an appointment scheduled.