Adrenal fatigue is one of the most frustrating and complex modern day wellness issues to deal with.
Many people struggle with coping with the stress that comes with the modern lifestyle and they may not even realize they are dealing with adrenal issues.
Adrenal fatigue symptoms run the gamut from feelings of depression to feelings of anxiety, high blood pressure to low blood pressure, and many people just feeling plain tired. Because of this, it can be hard to pinpoint and even harder to know how to create a support plan to begin rebalancing the energies around our adrenals.

Here are three blends that can be used in almost any scenario to combat adrenal fatigue. Although sometimes diffusing these blends may be appropriate, diluting them into a carrier oil and rubbing them on the lower back is a great way to get them directly to where they are needed.

1. Grounding Oil
4 parts Basil
3 parts Vetiver
5 parts Cedarwood

This oil is designed to help you ground an d release excess energy. It can help to connect the lower chakras and rebalance the distribution of energy in these centers. Since the adrenals are closely linked with the root chakra, giving it some TLC when you may be struggling with adrenal issues is important!

2. Soothing Oil
5 parts Lavender
2 parts Jasmine
3 parts Frankincense

This is another grounding oil, but it has a soothing tone to it to help calm overactive systems. The lavender and jasmine also help to connect the higher chakras to the lower and bring a nourishing sensation to the blend. This is one of my favorite blends to use in bath bombs: it takes very little to make a difference!

3. Nourishing Oil
3 parts Chamomile
2 parts Peppermint
4 parts Neroli

This blend was designed with healing in mind! The invigorating sensation of the peppermint is both cooling and diffusive: helping energy to calm while moving it so that it can better balance. The chamomile and neroli both add a bit of soothing energy while keeping the effect subtle. Great for people in stage 3 adrenal fatigue or who feel like something stronger might be too hard on their system.

What are your favorite adrenal support blends?