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Your Transformation Is Possible!

When I started looking at natural options, I was overwhelmed by the number of articles that make it sound like almost any herb or any technique would fix all of my issues. 

I spent hundreds of dollars playing with different herbal protocols that promised relief.

I shouldn’t admit the number of hours I spent working on different exercises, reading different books, and still feeling frustrated by the lack of results!

Now I know how to approach everyone’s individual needs to cut through all the options and pinpoint the specific choices that work for them!

Come discover your unique path toward better wellness. Transform your relationship with your health into one where vitality is attainable!

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What can you expect during the consult?

– We will talk about what you’re struggling with

 – We will go over what you’ve tried before that has and hasn’t worked

– We will look at your eating habits, your lifestyle, etc

– We will talk about what your wellness goals are

– You will leave with your personalized wellness plan that can include:
Supplement Recommendations
Essential Oil Suggestions
Crystal Ideas
Lifestyle Suggestions
Energy Work (Reiki, etc)
A scheduled followup appointment

and the confidence that your plan is going to work!!



Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the cost? 
A session is 45 minutes long and $40. Payment is made at time of service and can be done through Paypal.

Do you recommend a specific brand of supplements?
Yes! I use Nature’s Sunshine for the majority of my supplement suggestions. 

Do you replace my primary care doctor?
No, I am a natural health consultant. This work is supposed to complement your conventional health plan.




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