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October 11, 2019

Today we are going over a basic introduction to crystal healing or the power of playing with rocks: how it works, what people do, different ways you can use them.

In reality there’s a lot of stuff when it comes to these natural rocks that can be very helpful and effective. Now there are also some man-made rocks. And some of those are okay. Some of those do have good potential there. Their vibrations have a good level. But a lot of them are glass or they don’t have the same sensation to them because they were not formed in the core of the earth. They were not made out of the absorbed and transmuted energies. Do your best to always make sure that when you are getting stones that you feel confident about their quality. Most likely, if something is really cheap, there’s a good chance that is glass or it’s manmade and it’s not going to be as effective.

I. Quartz: Quartz is known to be very useful in technology. As a matter of fact, they’ve come up with some nanostructured quartz that can hold like 350 or 60 TB of information on this little coin. And there’s obviously some sort of capacity for certain stones like quartz to hold high levels of information. This is really interesting especially if you’re somebody that’s into the Akashic records or anything like that. But today we’re going to discuss the theory that all matter vibrates. Crystals vibrate at certain natural frequencies just because of their structure. There are a lot of concerns nowadays about the manmade frequencies that we have around us–Wi-Fi, different cell phone networks and there has been a lot of discussion about banning 5G networks until we understand more about the radiation and other effects from them. So you have to be aware that there may be some evidence that starts to come out about how using natural crystals can help to keep our bodies in alignment even when we are dealing with a lot of these radio waves and other things that otherwise might just keep wreaking havoc on our environment. Some small studies show that there is an emotional component that benefits from crystals. So again, anecdotally I see people have a lot of good results working with crystals, different gemstones, whatever that might be. So if you are open to playing with rocks, then I definitely encourage you to look into it.

Crystals align really well with the chakras. You know the seven chakras starting with the root chakra and going up have the seven colors the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. And so as you pick out your different stones, if nothing else, you can base it off the color of the chakra that you are trying to work on. For instance, hematite is very grounding so therefore it can help with the root chakra. But hematite is kind of a metallic dark gray color. So that doesn’t necessarily fit with the red that you normally think of with the root chakra. So there are other things like. But just be aware that there is a quick correlation between each of the seven chakras.

Natural rocks and crystals can be very helpful.

II. Root Chakra: For a quick review the root chakra a lot of the times has a survival component to it. A lot of the times people will find that the root chakra is not only the fight or flight sensation, but it very much has to do with grounding and connecting yourself to the earth. Now one of the ones I like is ruby and zoisite, even though zoisite is green but the ruby in it kind of helps to balance it and the green comes into the heart chakra. Red jasper can be very nice.

III. Sacral Chakra:So then moving up into your sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is the creativity center. It is connected to the sex organs and creation. If you’re trying to create any kind of new pattern–maybe crochet or perhaps you like to draw and you’re trying to create something or you’re trying to write a book or whatever it may be–crystals for the sacral chakra can be very helpful. Carnelian is really nice. A lot of the times it’s more orange though you can have red. I think of sacral chakra with carnelian more than I do root chakra.

IV. Solar Plexus: Then you have your solar plexus, which is yellow. The solar plexus is the area that is the sense of self. Several things can be combined together to give you a more complete solution–adding relaxing herbs and aromatherapy along with the stones. Together, they can all help to stir up the creativity center. Then we add in the orange stones like Carnelian for creativity. The solar plexus also involves digestion. If you’ve got digestive problems going on yellow tourmaline can be nice. Citrine is probably my favorite because it’s a little less expensive. Amber can be good. Though amber sometimes goes to the sacral chakra. That can be very interesting because Freya, who is the Norse goddess of cats and fertility, is actually associated with amber. And, of course, amber is the sacral chakra and creativity and all that jazz… it’s interesting to see how these things kind of pop up randomly in different mythologies. Tiger’s eye can also be used with the solar plexus.

V. Heart Center: The heart center, which is in your chest, is the area of love, selflessness, and general healing. If somebody is having trouble with empathy–especially empathy towards themselves–if they are generally are having issues with just basic healing processes and their body just can’t seem to get back in alignment, we will look towards the heart. Now my favorite stone for the heart is going to be malachiteRose quartz comes into play with emotions and things like that. You can utilize the rose quartz to help with the heart as well.

VI. Throat: The throat, which is communication, is going to be your blue stones. I think of things like lapis, turquoise… I don’t end up using a lot of stones with communication. A lot of the times what happens with communication is we’re getting more into an emotional component. It’s not just that communication is blocked. There is anecdotal evidence that if you’re in a situation where you’re about to talk with people, then using lapis will help to enhance the communication. So having that lapis necklace on hand can help us well.

VII. Third Eye: The third eye chakra, which sets of course between your eyes, is your intuition center. A lot of the times I’m thinking amethyst. Some people will use chalcedony or something like that. I like amethyst because it is not just purple. It has got some white in it. It’s kind of the transitional phase. And, of course, the white connects a lot to the crown which is your connection with Divine Purpose. There you use a clear quartz. That tends to be the best because it helps to clarify what your connection is.

VIII. Crown: Now for those of you who are religious, the crown chakra a lot of the time will show how you feel towards your deities, or deity, depending on who you are. For those of you who do not necessarily feel as religious, you may find that it is a matter of how spiritual you are feeling at the time or just general connection with that overall purpose that you feel the universe is giving you. You see it a lot with the Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church. You’ll see people with a halo around their head. There is a theory that that is partially the crown chakra being wide open. Now granted, it’s a little lower on your head then you would think but that is a lot of discussion around that. People will say gold is sometimes associated with the crown chakra. I tend to see clear quartz being the best option for people who are needing help kind of opening that up.

There are a lot of things you can do with crystals and emotional things. If you’ve already listened to my Chakras and Emotions podcast (link below) you know that there’s a lot of overlap there. I mentioned hematite, rose quartz, and Lapis already but hematite is very grounding. It helps people to connect with the Earth. Rose quartz helps to open people up, helps them to feel more empathy towards themselves or towards others. Lapis has a very calming sensation. It’s very nice for people who maybe are feeling a little overwhelmed–especially if somebody tends towards talking a lot. When they start getting nervous they start jabbering, lapis can be very effective at helping them to smooth that back out.

IX: Crystal Grids: There are options other than wearing a crystal necklace. You do have the crystal grids. You put crystals into a grid shape and you trace the flow of the energy to start the energy pattern. All the energy that comes through that is getting the vibrations from the different crystals. And if you put the grid in your house where you’re walking by it every day, then you are also getting exposure to the vibrations, which can be extremely helpful for you depending on what you’re dealing with. A lot of people use crystal grids in scenarios where, maybe not as much the physical body, but more of lifestyle things. So for instance, if they feel like they’ve been stuck and they’re not really sure where they need to go next with things, they will use crystal grids. A crystal grid in the right section can help to start breaking that energy up and creating a better flow in the house. This exposes you to better vibrations in the long term.

X. Crystal Elixirs: Another thing is called crystal elixirs. There is a theory that water holds wavelengths longer than other substances. So a lot of people will use their crystals to “charge their water”. But my theory is that it’s because the vibrations from the crystals are getting into the water, the water’s holding it, and when you drink it, you’re getting almost like an internal dosage of those vibrations. Now there are certain stones that you can put directly into the water. But I encourage you to always put them in a separate container. One of the ways that you’ll see is it somebody will put a bunch of water in a big bowl. Then they’ll put a smaller bowl in the center of the big bowl and put the stones in that. That works really well. If you’ve got crystals at all you do with them is to use them for this and you rinse them off ahead time, then maybe that’s okay. But personally my crystals tend to be used for a lot of different things and I don’t want to drink the germs off of them. And I don’t want people encouraged towards that. So I always put my crystals in a small little crystal bowl, put that in a bigger bowl, and then fill the water in the bigger bowl. Then the crystals are sitting in that small bowl, the water’s in the big bowl, the water is getting charged, but the crystals are not physically touching the water. You’re not risking germ transfer or dirt transfer or whatever else might be going on. So that is one of the quickest ways to get some of the right vibrational alignment into your system without having to worry about whether or not your outfit is going to match whatever necklace you’ve got on.

XI. Charging Crystals. One of the other things is it some people will set this in their windowsill to charge by the sunlight or the moonlight. The sunlight brings a higher energy level to it that’s a stronger vibration. The moonlight is a little more subtle because it’s a reflection of the sun’s energy. If it’s a new moon you’re not getting much of anything. But sometimes that absence of a vibration coming from the light can actually create a slightly different sensation to the water. So it really kind of depends on what you like. I personally put mine out in the sun some but I’m not really worried about that. As long as I’m getting the vibrations from the crystals, that is a big component. There will be occasional times where I say okay now you’re going to do this crystal elixir and it’s definitely going to need to charge in the sun or the moon or whatever, but I can’t think of like a general overall rule that says that this is when you should try that.

Again just make sure you play around with this stuff. Go back over it. I know I talk fast a lot of the times when I’m trying to get you out in 20 minutes. If you have questions, join the Facebook group Natural Wellness Transformations and tag me in whatever posts you have come up.

In the meantime, be kind and be loving be the light that this world needs. I’ll catch you next time.


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