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This week we are exploring different lifestyle adjustments that must be made to start seeing results. Did you know that depending on your needs, different exercise types may be better than others?

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Lifestyle is the second part to why things may be imbalanced
Last week we discussed imbalances that can be identified by your constitution. When constitution doesn’t explain it, how else can you approach these concerns? The other half of how imbalances start is the “lifestyle” side. When I say lifestyle, I mean anything from the angle of external influences: I am not necessarily talking about direct lifestyle choices. While you may not have made the choice for something in your lifestyle to be a certain way, there are things you can do to mitigate the imbalances that come from it.

That being said, this is a judgment free zone!
We are digging into a lot of lifestyle choices here and how to eat better, exercise right for you, and so much more. Understand that you are not to be blamed for the situation you are in: we are all doing the best we can with what we’ve got. The key is to now dig deeper so you have more of what you need so you can focus your efforts more productively.

Usually you are looking at a combination of influences for both lifestyle and constitution
Don’t be afraid to recognize that there may be more than one aspect to the imbalances you’re experiencing. Lifestyle issues can exacerbate a constitutional weakness. Constitutional issues can mean that certain lifestyle choices are not going to work for you: this is why blanket cure-alls are not a good choice for people. Something that worked great for your best friend may not work for you depending on your situation.

There are multiple aspects that go into your lifestyle/environment assessment
Stress management is a major component. Sleep matters a TON! Chemical exposures from food, cleaning supplies, body products, and just being in the house can be extremely detrimental. Exercise has to be the right type for your body and situation. I also talk about a good bit of this in the free guide that I currently have available for download.

Stress Management
Everything I am talking about today is going to help with chronic stress management. Acute stress management usually consists of several quick managing techniques. Breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth can help to calm the nervous reaction. I also like to use the technique of replacing a negative “what if” with three positive things that could happen instead.

We talked about a good bit of nutrition last week. Always remember, buy everything you can local. What you can’t get local, get organic. Always get meat organic. What you can’t get organic, make sure it is at least real.
Water is also a very important aspect of food. If you want to flush your system and keep from reabsorbing toxins your body is trying to expel through the large intestine, you must drink enough water! Half your body weight in ounces every day.
Also, be aware that sensitivities to food can exist, even if you’re not allergic to them. Keeping a journal that chronicles what you eat and how you feel can help you pinpoint sensitivities. It may take awhile to really get the direct ingredients pinpointed, but it can be done.

Cleaning Supplies and Body Care items
Cleaning supplies can be a heavy supply of hormone disrupting chemicals. So can body care items. Be careful when buying items from the grocery store. Most of the “natural” products may be advertised as a lot more healthy than they really are. There are several options for detergent, cleaners, and body care products all over pinterest. You can add essential oils to a lot of these things, but remember, less is more when it comes to EOs.

Exercise is something that a lot of people don’t realize they should customize. As someone who suffered from adrenal fatigue, heavy exercise irritated it further and made me worse for a long time. There are many other instances where exercise should be curated based on what you are struggling with. Get moving regularly, even if it is just walking!

Sleep is an interesting issue because there are so many things that can create low quality sleep. Some people have more issues going asleep. Others may not stay asleep through the whole night or may wake up feeling super groggy. Getting nervous system support, staying off caffeine, and keeping a consistent sleep schedule can start making a difference on the quality of sleep you are getting.

Stay tuned!
Next week I am discussing adrenal fatigue!  What issues would you like to see me discuss in the near future?