Start the new decade out right with the groundbreaking energy healing weekend workshop: Journey through the Garden of the Chakras!

The Garden of the Chakras is a weekend class series created to support anyone looking for complementary energy healing that incorporates natural options such as plants and crystals while equipping them with the ability to balance their energies for long term wellness.

Your clients and students will walk away with a newfound passion for natural health. This unique opportunity to host a class at your studio or shop comes with no down payment and an easy-to-acquire minimum class size!

Bring a unique class to your clients without having to pay a large deposit up front!

Students receive ten hours of instruction, exclusive insight into how to consistently apply these ideas for long-term wellness, and a workbook that is designed to create their personalized plan for Chakra balance.
They will walk away with confidence and a new found appreciation for the seven subtle energy centers and their ability to support the healing journey.

Recommended pricing:
I charge $40 per person, with a minimum of 10 people (or $400) for the class to make.
I recommend you charge $75 per person ($35 profit) as an early bird rate, with a price increase to $100 ($60 profit) four weeks out from the start of class.

Recommended hours:
We need ten hours to complete the class material, though I encourage questions and participation… the class can sometimes go a bit longer.
I recommend scheduling the class Saturday 9-4 and Sunday 10-3, with hour long lunch breaks.
However, I am amenable to slight alterations of the schedule based on your needs – please let me know and we can create a schedule that fits your shop’s needs.

To get started:
Fill out the interest form and I will be in touch! This is first come first served, so do not wait!

Previews of the class material can be found in the Garden of the Chakras podcast episodes