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October 24, 2019

Larabeth Guthrie

Today I want to talk about chakra balancing and motivation. So, whether you’re dealing with trying to finish a project, starting a new set of healthy skills—whether it be a new exercise routine or a new diet lifestyle–whatever it is, this information is going to help you figure out where the little bumps in the road are.

So, a lot of times you will get really excited you’re going to start something, you’re going to get moving with it, and you just get all of his stuff ready to go, and then you just can’t seem to start. So sometimes we have a lot of issues getting motivated trying to get to the point where we even start the process. We get stuck. You’ll see people that get stuck specifically on planning. They want to plan out every little detail and they just can’t seem to get past the planning stage. You’ll see some people that will have their plan ready and they just start getting too busy; they start letting things happen that would cause them to not be able to get started, much less get to the point of starting to complete a project. So a lot of times that comes up and there are different things I will talk about that come into play with that.

Another thing is some people will get started and they will go for a few days and they just can’t seem to stay motivated. They’ll do it and the initial “thrill of the chase”, as it were, wears off and they start looking for another “hit” as it were. But that’s what’s happening is there’s a serotonin boost when you’re starting something new. You’re trying to get started. You’re trying to make progress in the right direction. And that is something that you will see a lot in people who are doing something new. For the first little while they’ll be super-excited about it. It’ll be thrilling. And then, the next thing you know, they’re on to something else. And it’s not that that person is necessarily lazy or ill-equipped to do good work. It’s just that they get excited about something and then that excitement wears off and then they move on to something else. They get a little flitty with things. We’ll talk about that.

The other thing that I have seen a couple times in the last few days, which is what spurred me to do this podcast, is that there are a lot of people that will get some of the work done. They will have laid the foundation. They’ll even get halfway through or three-quarters of the way through and they’re almost complete with their work. And something happens and they just can’t bring themselves to get finished. I fall into this category sometimes with different things. And I think that it’s really important to recognize that this happens to a lot of people. They will have the plan. They’ll be working the plan. And then all of a sudden, they are just not able to finish whatever they’ve started. They’ll be to the point where they just need to finish it at this point because they’ve done it. It’s just very frustrating! Especially when you can’t bring yourself to try to make this work. And it’s okay. A lot of the times there’s just underlying things that are happening and you need to go in and address those things.

Now sometimes you will hear people talk about “shadow work” which is effectively just looking at your inner self and determining what things maybe are going on in your system that you may need help with. Don’t get too caught up on esoteric terms if you hear something like that. It’s okay. All they’re trying to say is that you need to look In-ward and see what is happening internally that maybe is cutting you off from the success that you deserve with whatever the project is—whether it is getting healthier, completing that novel–whatever it might be.

What I want to do today is I want to take a few minutes and just apply this to each of the chakras so that you can kind of see what different systems made need balancing if you have different things going on.

You will hear talk people talk about all these different systems with extra chakras and sub-chakras, etc. There’s a lot of that that can be really good. But for today, and for what we’re talking about, we are worried about the seven basic chakras that run along your midline starting at the root and going the whole way to the crown, which is at the top of the head. And each of the seven chakras has different qualities that it kind of governs when it comes to your body, your emotional needs, etc. This makes it really effective as a method for dealing with certain issues. You can correspond certain issues with the chakras they are associated with and focus on those energy groups first. It makes it a very easy system for you to use some on your own. And it’s also something that you can work with someone on to help people move forward.

I. Root Chakra. The root chakra sits kind of at the base of your spine, though you will see some people depict it as actually being between your feet almost in the ground. The root chakra comes into play when somebody is stuck. It’s a survival mechanism. They’re stuck and they’re afraid to move forward. The root chakra plays into that “fight or flight” sensation. Generally speaking you will notice survival type issues coming up with that root that kind of connects you back to the ground.

A lot of the time when somebody’s having trouble getting motivated, it’s because there is an imbalance in the root chakra that’s saying, “This is not safe. What we’ve done for so long has kept us alive. We need to continue doing what we are doing.” So, even though logic brain says, “No, it’s time to move on; it’s time to do something bigger and better.” The emotional brain and the imbalance showing in the chakra system is, “No, this is safe. We’ve done this before. We know this will work. We know we will be alive at the end of it. Let us continue to do this.” So that comes into play a lot. And that is also the case when somebody is trying to stay motivated and they’ve lost that big benefit boost that comes at the beginning with the serotonin. Their body is saying, “Let’s go back to what was safe. Let’s go back to what felt easy and good.” It’s not because it’s trying to sabotage you, but it’s a survival thing. You need to thank your body for attempting to help you on that front. And then just work to redirect it.

When somebody gets stuck and they’re not able to finish, the root chakra doesn’t come into play as much then. A lot of the times there is stuff further up the system that is necessary to kind of create the capacity to keep moving forward. So you see more of the whole–like getting motivated and staying motivated—showing up in the root chakra. Now you may say well that’s fantastic what do I do about that? A lot of times this means that your root chakra is over-activated. It means that it’s waking up and going no, stop, slow down. Let’s ground. Let’s stick to where we are. Let’s hug the Earth because this is what works for us. In that scenario, you want to do things that will help to lighten your sensations. So I like to do a lot of aromatherapy that maybe incorporates floral scents and citrus scents. You’ll notice that in the aromatherapy and chakra podcast I talk about those being connected to the higher chakras and that’s why. Because if your root chakra is overworking, trying to redirect some of the energy in your body up to those higher chakras will help to balance things back out and make you feel a little lighter

II. Sacral Chakra. The next thing is the sacral chakra which sits little bit below your belly button. It is the energy center that is related to creativity. It’s something that a lot of people will go to when they’re talking about creation and things like that. On the physical front it’s related to the reproductive organs, which also is kind of a form of creativity/creation.

When somebody is having a hard time getting motivated there can be a couple of things going on. Either the sacral chakra is overactive and they are getting too many ideas going at once and they won’t pick one. They just keep planning and keep creating. They keep adding instead of physically getting out there manifesting it. Or sometimes they will feel stuck as if the sacral chakra is underactive. Also when somebody is finishing and they’re having a hard time getting finished, sometimes you will see the creativity in the sacral chakra has been tapped out and it’s needing to be nourished. A lot of the times if you are having issues with the sacral chakra, the nourishing is the most important part.

That being said, what nourishes the sacral chakra? Some people like frankincense. Frankincense can be fantastic if you are attempting to get some creativity flowing. However, I like to look at different essential oils and see how they correspond scent-wise to the chakras. And the herbaceous scents correspond to the sacral chakra. Things like sage, rosemary…the almost culinary type thing will come into play. And a lot of the times those things will be nourishing to that sacral center. I tend to look towards herbs that are particularly either like barks–like Hickory bark or Mimosa bark. You can make a mimosa bark tincture and use some of that and that tends to help. Anything that also stimulate the third eye chakra, which we’ll talk about in a minute, are things that are citrusy in nature will also help with this. Again you’re looking at kind of a balance between that third eye and that sacral. Lavender is one. If you’re doing a tea something like lavender combined with dandelion roots, maybe some Alfalfa and marshmallow. That’s where I would start—lavender, dandelion root, Alfalfa, and marshmallow. That would be just a little bit of a touch of a physical component with the Alfalfa and the marshmallow creating a little bit more of a mineral nourishment. It also helps on the energetic level to get that sacral center rebalanced and moving again.

III. Solar Plexus Chakra. The solar plexus is where your sense of self and self-worth comes in to play. A lot of people have issues with this. The solar plexus kind of controls that sense of self-worth. And a lot of the times when somebody is having problems either getting motivated, staying motivated, or finishing there is a sense of “I don’t deserve the positive things that are coming to me if I do this.” It’s something that you have to kind of be careful of because it will usually hide under something else. There’s usually a compound issue that’s at play. The aromatherapy scents that come into play with the solar plexus are the woody scents. So, things like cedarwood and that kind of thing. That is also fantastic because it blends with almost anything else you use aromatherapy-wise. So you can use this one of the woody scents and blend it with the other chakra scents that you’re having issues with and come out with a fantastic blend that can help more than one problem at once.

I also think that there’s a lot of mindset work that has to be done around the solar plexus and self-worth. When it comes to this kind of thing, people need to learn how to create affirmations that are slowly moving the goalposts. We don’t want to create affirmations like, “I bring in a million dollars a year” if you’re not bringing anything into begin with. You don’t want to create affirmations for running marathons weekly if you’re literally having problems getting out of your chair. There are different ways that you can apply the appropriate types of affirmations. For instance, if you’re having problems getting out of your chair, your affirmation could be, “I am working everyday toward being able to easily stand up out of my chair.” And then, once you are easily standing up out of your chair, then you would move the goalposts again and change your affirmation to, “I am working to effortlessly walk one mile a day.” You go on and slowly move the goalposts. If you’re somebody who’s dealing with writing and it’s not working out for you, your initial thing may be, “I am finishing 100 words a day” and you just write the hundred words. Whether in makes sense or not, you write them. The next day or the next week you may say, “The new affirmation’s going to be I am writing 300 words a day that are great material to publish.” For those of you who don’t know, in writing a lot of the time you have to write more like 500 words and then edit it down into the appropriate content. You need to slowly move the goalposts towards what you need to be able to get finished. That’s very important for the solar plexus.

A lot of the times the herbs that I end up using when somebody is dealing with this aren’t necessarily directly for the solar plexus. They may be for the feelings of anxiousness that come from trying to deal with this because that sense of self and that sense of self-worth are very important to your survival. So you’re getting your root chakra coming into play here. If you start messing with that, trying to create a more positive sense, it can cause confusion in your body. It will begin to question: what are we doing? Why are we doing this? Help! Help! I know because I’ve been there. Things like chamomile, rose, another thing of lavender, (I’m never going to say no to lavender.) passionflower which, if you are in the South is one of those things you can easily find and dry yourself, or you can get it in loose leaf form very easily. Holy basil is another one. Holy basil is an adaptogenic herb, very similar to ashwagandha and things of that nature. It grows very easily in the area. Sometimes you will hear it called Tulsi. It is a very sweet herb but it is very effective in helping to calm down some of those nervous feelings that begin piping up when you are working towards having a better sense of self-worth. Sometimes your affirmations need to be things that are specifically related to noticing your self-worth. You are worthy just by your existence, but it can be hard to see that sometimes. I struggle with that a lot. I never feel like I’m worthy of anything. I have to sit there and kind of remind myself of things that I need to be aware of. I am worthy of being respected and loved. It’s something a lot of people deal with and it’s okay. It’s just a matter of working to help get a little more of that balance back so that you can get motivated again.

I recently dealt with this. I’ve been in this master’s program but when I finished my bachelor’s degree, I had gone so long without a bachelor’s degree that my very last class I nearly bombed-out because I could not grasp the idea of me being a college graduate. And if it was this solar plexus stuff—this sense of worth and of self. The definition I had of myself was changing and I hadn’t dealt with it. So I nearly bombed out of that very last class. If you’re having stuff like that where you’re getting towards the end of something and you’re self-sabotaging, those are the kinds of things you need to look at.

IV. Heart Chakra. The heart chakra comes into play a lot of the times if there is emotional healing that needs to come. Sometimes there will be things in the solar plexus that also need to be worked with in the heart chakra. A lot of times, I will look at teas that include maybe rose petals or rose hips, hibiscus (which is kind of a fruity taste). I’ll also be looking at things that are spicy and warming because a lot of the times when the heart is out of balance—even if it is overactive–it needs nourishment. Even though it’s overactive, it’s just the energy in that area trying to make up for a perceived lack of nourishment. So it will be pulling energy from other areas, creating an overactive heart center, and you’re just feeling crazy by the end of it.

Essential oils that have the spices like cinnamon, myrrh, clove. Clove is one of my favorite for that kind of thing. I love the winter time because I can put allspice, cinnamon, and nutmeg together in something and it always feels extremely nourishing to the heart center. Apple cider, not apple cider vinegar, just straight-up apple cider. Get a good apple juice that still has the pulpy looking stuff in it and it doesn’t have sugar added. Add some of these spices to it and it can be a fantastic thing for healing that comes from the heart chakra getting the nourishment that it needs.

V. Throat Chakra. The throat chakra, which is at your throat close to your thyroid, is something that comes in a play if there is a communication barrier. So sometimes people will be extremely loud and overbearing and sometimes that is related to feeling like people are not hearing them or paying attention them. You also find people who are extremely timid because they feel like nobody is listening to their communication. It’s very interesting to see how people’s traits come into play. Somebody who’s over loud and overbearing a lot of the times also has a wide open, way over-active throat chakra. When that comes into play, look at using things like peppermint. Peppermint has what feels like a warming effect because it’s diffusive. So peppermint itself is cooling and relaxing, but it has a diffusive effect where it’s causing blood flow to come through and that’s what makes it feel almost warming at the same time. Peppermint is probably my go-to for people that feel like they’re a little overbearing and that their throat chakra may be overactive. You don’t see that as much. A lot of the time when you’re having motivation issues, it’s an underactive sensation. In that case, think about using spearmint and wintergreen. as my go-to. Sometimes you could make like a little like a natural Vapor Rub type thing to rub on the chest and that way you’re breathing it in and you’re feeling that sensation. So even if you don’t have a stuffy head, which it is great for that as well, it can be kind of cycling through and helping to build that energy back in the throat chakra area.

Sometimes when people are having trouble staying motivated, communication is coming into play. They may feel like people aren’t listening to them when it comes to their needs. They may feel like they’re not able to communicate what they’re feeling correctly to people. So that’s when the throat will come into play. To me, writers are always going to have something in the throat going on. Either it’s going to be a little overactive or a little underactive. It’s a matter of working to constantly find that balance and nourish it. Even though writing is a non-verbal form of communication, it is still a form of communication and is governed by the throat chakra.

VI. Third Eye Chakra. The third eye chakra, which is kind of in the middle of your forehead kind of between your two eyes, is your intuition center. The biggest thing here when you’re dealing with motivation, is people who are not trusting their intuition. They’re afraid of making their own decisions. A lot of the times this connects back to the sense of self and self-worth. They don’t feel like they have what it takes to be able to make these decisions. And they may not feel that their intuition is on par with what needs to happen. They may even be able to cite several different times where they were having issues, maybe they made a decision, and it was the wrong decision. So now they feel like they can’t trust themselves to make these decisions. Some stuff is a coin flip anyway. You can’t blame yourself for things not going right all the time. So some people just won’t moving with decisions because they feel like no matter what they decide, it’s going to be the wrong decision. Some people will get motivated to do something; they will start going a certain direction, and they may run into a quick blip or they may run into something that’s going to trip them up, and they may stop trying to do it because they feel they’re not in a situation to be able to handle it. They think they made the wrong decision. Of course, people who are getting close to the end of a project and are about to reap the benefits from it may say begin to second-guess themselves. They’ve gone through all this work and it doesn’t feel like it’s coming to fruition yet or that they’re not seeing any benefit from it. A lot of the times, this will come from the third eye.

The best exercise for the third eye is specifically to begin taking time at the end of every day to sit down and write down a list of all the things that you succeeded at throughout the day. Maybe it was as simple as taking the back roads instead of the interstate and getting to work five minutes faster because of it. Or perhaps it was choosing XYZ for lunch and it was fantastic. Notice those times as affirmations of all the different little things that you did right today. For instance, I went for lunch and grabbed a salad from Zaxby’s because I have had a crazy morning. And I managed to do that and get to my consult this afternoon without any issue. I said if I can do this in 20 minutes I’ll be there 10 minutes early and I’ll feel great. And I managed to do it in exactly 20 minutes and was there exactly 10 minutes early. So noticing moments like that is one of the best things to do.

You do have the citrus essential oils that you can use. You can put one drop of orange and some basic cleanser and you can use that on your face. You want to put one drop in one teaspoon of cleanser. So, you don’t have to have very much at all to be able to put in a cleanser and use it on your face at night. Don’t do this in the morning. If we do it in the morning and then we go out in the sun it can cause photosensitivity and look like a big sunburn. And it can get very serious very fast if you use too much of it. So we definitely want to be doing this in the evenings. Normally not before you go to bed. Maybe a couple of hours before you go to bed as a last minute perk up. It won’t cause you to not sleep either that’s the beauty of this. And then of course having it on your face is that kind of sensation of waking up the energies in that area.

VII. Crown Chakra. The crown chakra will come into play when people feel like they are scattered. They feel like they’re going in seven different directions–that usually the crown chakra being a little overactive. If you are planning 18 different things and you just can’t seem to get focused in on one, that’s sometimes the crown chakra being a little overactive. If you are getting close to the end of things and you’re getting antsy, maybe trying to do too many other things and you’re not paying attention to what you need to finish up, that’s usually the crown chakra being a little overactive. A lot of the times, the appropriate choice for that is to find things that will help to ground you. So roasted chicory or roasted dandelion root. Many of the roots are very helpful in this scenario because it’s kind of that grounding sensation. I would definitely do anything that’s going to help nourish the lower chakra systems, especially the root chakra. That’s kind of your grounding force. Some people find that coffee helps them. So if coffee does not bother you, you could do coffee.

Crystals wise, get a hematite necklace. If you start noticing yourself getting scattered a little bit, putting that hematite necklace on can help. Another thing is a weighted blanket, which can also help with feelings of anxiousness and things like that, but it can also help you to get refocused if you find yourself flitting about.

So I have talked a little longer than usual today, but I wanted to try to get something in about each of the chakras. We’ve done that and I want to encourage you, if you feel like you’re in a place where you need to work with somebody to figure out what your next steps need to be, go to the website, click on 20 minute consult (the free 20 minute consult button), and get yourself scheduled for a consult. If you are not already in the Facebook group, Natural Wellness Transformations on Facebook is the Facebook group.

Until next time, be kind, be loving, and be the light that this world needs. I’ll catch you soon.


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