Are you aware of how closely linked allergies and anxiety can be?

Personally, my anxiety was always worse when allergy season was happening…

The pollen made my head swim and the vertigo caused me to feel unsteady, thus triggering my anxiety…

Thus making me more dizzy…

It made me feel incapable of doing much of anything.

Most of us are aware of the gut/brain connection and what that generally consists of.

But do you take it a step further and see certain emotional symptoms as connected?

Depression has been linked to inflammation and we now understand that all kinds of allergens can increase our inflammation load.

So what are we to do about it?

1. Eat better
Less inflammatory foods can help to reduce inflammation load and allergic reactions.

2. Drink water
Did you know that you have a higher histamine release when you are dehydrated? That is because histamine helps to protect the remaining water in your cells.

3. Get a personalized plan
There are thousands of herbs and hundreds of essential oils… lots of different energetic techniques… everyone is different, so why should your plan be the same?