Natural Wellness Transformations

Larabeth Guthrie

November 1, 2019

Today’s topic: Journeying Through The Garden Of The Chakras (Part 1 of 4)

Today I want to discuss the new project that I am rolling out over the next couple of months called Journey Through the garden of the Chakras.

Chakra balance was vital to my recovery after my adrenal episode. I began to realize that a lot of people with autoimmune issues or other types of nervous system issues, etc. also had stuff going on in their chakras. Now it may be because there’s a correspondence to some of the endocrine systems. It may be because there is other stuff going on, but there is a distinct imbalance that happens with people that causes a lot of malalignment. One of the things that really made a difference for me was getting my chakras back in balance using several different methods. A lot of it was meditative based, but there are other things that can be done on top of meditation and visualization that are more tangible that also have physical benefits as well. 

For those of you who are listening and just wanting a little bit of a scratch on the surface. The Garden of the Chakras series is set up to help you to look at different correspondences, fruits and vegetables, herbs, essential oils, crystals, different ideas, different emotions that match up with these different chakras so that you can then figure out what you can be doing to balance things that are happening with you.

Now the quickest and the easiest way to get some results–it’s not a full picture it’s not going to fix everything–but you’ll start seeing some success and it may help you push in the right direction. It is important to pick something out that matches each of the chakras. 

Vegetables. So if you’re looking at vegetables, pick a vegetable in each chakra category and try to consume that every day. For herbs:  pick herbs that balance one of each of the chakras and maybe take one per day of the week that corresponds with chakras. 

Essential Oils: Create a blend that has seven oils in it that specifically matches each of the chakras. I have sets like that where I will blend something that specifically touches each of the chakras for people, but I really don’t like having a general blend like that because a lot of the times the balance is better if we talked individually. So I don’t sell anything like that but I can help you understand which of the essential oils are good for each of the chakras, and then you can go and get your own oils and blend them as you need. 

Crystals. I have friends that they just carry in their pocket a set of worry stones and each of the stones matches the different corresponding chakras.

Sound. Playing music in different levels. I’ve had several chakra CDs. It will play for an hour and go through each of the notes in the C scale. By the end of the hour it has literally played music that helps with each chakra. There’s all kinds of stuff on YouTube that you can do like that.

Meditations. You can use meditations on each of the chakras that line up with each of the days of the week. That can be very important. 

Visualization. Visualization is very important. Some people even say that visualization is cheaper. It’s less expensive than having to go out and buy these fruits and veggies, or buy herbs, or buy the crystals…I believe that because we are both ethereal and physical beings–almost everyone agrees that there is some sort of spiritual conscious side to us that goes beyond the reach of the five basic senses that we discuss. There is something beyond just this physical realm that we are tapped into. And that’s where visualization comes into play a lot of the times. The subtle energy that runs around us is tapped into some of that. A lot of people go even further into that and that’s important, but we are inextricably linked to both. And when we proceed to take the subtle energies and find physical correspondences, then it is something that, to me, is more complete than trying to force things into one realm or the other. Balance is necessary and focusing on the physical is very good. Focusing on this more ethereal type existence is very good. But when ways can be found to link both of them into something that can quickly be applied to help create better balance, I believe that that is more effective. I’ve seen that in clients where when we do that it is a world of difference for them. So that’s why I say let’s look at nutrition. Let’s look at herbs, essential oils, crystals, sounds, or times.

Nutrition. Next week I’m going to actually go through the seven chakras with you. I’m going to give you a lot of good examples so that you can kind of begin to parse through and see what you like. To give you a bit of a preview: nutrition and the fruits and vegetables, especially vegetables–a lot of the times I find I’m more drawn to vegetables because you don’t have to worry as much about the sugar content. There is a rainbow of vegetables available. It’s not just green. There are a lot of green vegetables, which naturally kind of associates with the heart chakra. You also have yellows, oranges, purples–all these different vegetable colors. I think there’s even maybe a book series out called Eat The Rainbow. You hear people talk about eating the rainbow. It’s because you get several different types of phytonutrients that are very good for you on the physical plane. There are a lot of different antioxidants that specifically show up as different colors in these fruits and vegetables. The color coordination also matches the chakras. Each of the seven chakras has a color that matches it and is regularly associated with it. If you are eating each of these colors, those color vibrations are going into your body and creating a deeper balance. 

Herbs and essential oils are a little bit linked when it comes to this because the different scents in the essential oils or the different attributes of the herbs are very similar. For instance, the fruit based essential oils are associated with the third eye chakra. And you’ll see that in the herbs as well—the lemon peel or the lemongrass, the orange peel, etc. The root chakra has a lot of the very earthy essential oils. Well also the root herbs that you get—marshmallow root, chicory root, dandelion root–these are all associated with the root chakra.

Crystals are very easy. There are a lot of attributes to the crystals that match the different chakras. For instance you’ll see people use hematite as grounding. Of course that’s your root chakra. You have people who use rose quartz to help to bring in sensations of love and acceptance–that is the heart chakra. There are a lot of crystals that match the different chakras based on the color coordination. For instance amethyst a lot of the time is associated with either the 3rd Eye or the crown, kind of depending on what you’re needing it for. That is something that you specifically see–purple and white–and you know the crown and the third eye can have those indigo and purple colors, but there’s also a kind of white associated with the crown. Therefore,amethyst will be used. You’ll see this happen a lot. You’ll see a lot of the different stones attributed based on colors as well. 

Sound is very interesting because sound is a vibration. When we hear sound it is a matter of our eardrums vibrating and our brain interpreting those vibrations. So when we have the chance to be bathed in sound, then we find ourselves in a situation where we are accepting these vibrations–these pure tones– into our body. They’re helping to clear out different vibrational patterns that we have created due to emotions we may have picked up along the way due to other people’s emotions. A lot of people are concerned about the amount of Wi-Fi–the 5G, etc.–that is now in the air that wasn’t naturally in the air before. And there’s a lot of theory that some of the sound vibration will help to remove that. Now we don’t have a lot of evidence on that front yet, but it does appear to have some effect. There’s even a study where ultrasound waves were used to remove plaque from the brains of maybe rats with Alzheimer’s. I don’t think it’s been tried on humans yet, but it helped to reverse some of the physical signs of Alzheimer’s. And that’s very interesting because that was nothing but sound or vibration. It’s technically a ultrasound so you can’t hear it, but it is a vibrational wave. So, I think that it’s very important not to discount something like that.There’s also an emotional component. If you have something like a singing bowl, that can be very beautiful. It can be amazing.You can also have music different types of music. There’s a lot of stuff on YouTube. There are binaural beats that are very helpful for meditation and you’ll find that it’s also set for specific chakras. 

And then, of course, the days of the week. Each day of the week can have specific significance to each chakra. And as you gothrough those days of the week, you can even create kind of a pattern for yourself. You can kind of make sure that you areconstantly cycling through those things instead of just doing it when you get around to it. If you do one thing every day, and you match it up to the chakra for the day, then you will find yourself in a situation where you are regularly nourishing and balancing these energy centers.


Natural Wellness Transformations