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November 12, 2019

Larabeth Guthrie

Today’s topic: Journeying Through The Garden Of The Chakras (Part 2 of 4)

Recently I spent a lot of time just out in nature wandering around kind of aimlessly and I just had this renewed need to try to get more information out there about the plant correspondences when it comes to the chakras and how to use plants to balance the chakras and work through any kind of weird health issues that may be a rising for people. When I had my adrenal episode, which I’ve talked about before and you’ll hear me talk about it again, it was really the jumping-off point for me to get serious about natural wellness. And when I when I first had that happen, I did the typical stuff trying to nourish my adrenals and what not, but it really made a difference when I started working on the energy side of things: working with meridians, chakras, auras, etc. There’s a lot of introspection that comes into play when you start working with your energy and one of the things that I do when I’m working with clients, is to try to help them to understand why they are feeling the way they’re feeling; help them understand more about why those imbalances came to be. I’m more or less facilitating them so that they can figure out what they need to do for their bodies to heal themselves. I am more of a facilitator of your journey and your process and I helped you to stay on track with your needs.

One of the things that I decided to do is I am writing a book on the garden of the chakras, but I’m also working on a weekend class series. I’m going to actually be presenting it in Mountain Brook at Conscious Body in January. If you are in the Birmingham area and want me to bring it to your local coffee shop, Herb Shop, or whatever, definitely reach out to the owner of the shop and have them reach out to me. If you are out of town I am allowing five different spots this year—five different places that we will travel to and I will be able to teach this class. So definitely reach out to your local shops and see and if there is somebody that is interested in having this particular series brought to the area then definitely have them reach out to me and we can work out details.

We talked a little bit about the personalized plan last time–understanding a bit more about how the correspondences work together. And we discussed how the different herbs, essential oils, etc. come into play. Now I want to take some time and talk about the first three or four chakras. This is little bit different than most chakra systems that you may have heard of. A lot of people work from the ground up. When you are working with someone, and they are first working to try to build up their health and their sense of self, you start with the root chakra. It is very important when you were starting the healing process and rebalancing things. The root chakra is where you start. You work from there up to the crown chakra. But you can also work from the crown chakra down to the root chakra. This journey that I invite you to take, begins at the crown chakra on Sunday and it ends at the root chakra on Saturday night. So as you go through the week, you will begin to see that each of the chakras has a day. You’ll begin to see how the correspondences and the attributes, mythological beings, and, of course. the astronomical attributes in the case of the sun and the moon, come into play. And how specifically focusing on each of these chakras for each day of the week can actually be extremely helpful for nourishing each of these systems.

I. Crown Chakra (Sunday). Sunday is the crown chakra. A lot of the times we think of the crown chakra is being the connection to the Divine. For those of you who have studied some psychology, you may have heard of Maslow’s theory of self-actualization or the pyramid. And a lot of the times you can kind of see each of the chakras in this pyramid. And the crown chakra sits at the top–it’s the area of self-actualization. Now there is more to the crown chakra than just being a connection to the Divine. Depending on how you view the Divine, you may be speaking about a direct connection to God, to your ancestors, to the Akashic records. If you read “The Wheels of Life” book by Anodea Judith, she talks a lot about getting downloads from the Akashic records. Whatever it is, there is a specific type of intuition or understanding that comes from having a well-balanced. To me, it’s also very important to have an open crown chakra because philosophical advancement comes from this center. And for those of you who know me, my dad went to Vanderbilt to get his Masters in Intellectual European History. That’s just a fancy way of saying that he viewed European History through, effectively, a philosophical lens. He read a lot of the philosophers through the centuries that were European-based. And he kind of considered history and how things happened based on that. So, of course, me growing up in a household where my dad was real interested in why history happened the way it happened, the philosophies of the time that had been built and how history created the philosophies–as well as the philosophes then creating decisions that made history–I grew up with this kind of reverence for philosophical pursuits.

Philosophy is not everything. You cannot have your head in the clouds all the time, but philosophical advancement is very important if we want to continue to grow–to grow our communities, ourselves, and create a better society for everyone. I believe that when someone has a very strong Crown chakra, of course this also includes balancing the other systems, but when you have a very strong Crown chakra then you’re going to find yourself in a situation where everyone–yourself and your community–will benefit from it. There will be improvements just from the fact that you step into your role, your unique role in the community, in your life and your family.

Obviously, meditation is very important. Some people feel that fasting is important for the crown chakra. I encourage you to consider incorporating floral herbs into your tea–flowers like lavender chamomile, and rose. You can also use them in your cooking. Those of you who grew up on The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe probably remember Turkish Delight. If you can find fresh Rose Turkish Delight, just try one piece if it’s fresh. Now if it is from a store, it is not always the freshest and is not going to be a tasty. But if you can find fresh Turkish Delight–the Rose Turkish Delight is tasty. I really wish we used rose in more stuff in America because it really has a great taste. It’s very sweet, but done right, it can be amazing. So that’s something to consider. Essential oil blends can include floral scents. You can diffuse them or dilute them appropriately and it’ll work out really well.

I always consider amethyst–one of these stones that’s great for not only the crown but the third eye chakra. So if you can get a bracelet or a necklace that has amethyst on it, it’s fantastic. Some people believe that bracelets are so far removed from those chakras that there can’t possibly be any benefit to it. You have to remember that we’re not looking at the chakras as an isolated system. You have several meridians–the energy flows that run through your hands–so you can actually wear a bracelet with different stones on it and, it will take more time than if you’re wearing like a crown of amethyst or necklace, but it will eventually defuse those particular vibrational signals throughout your body. And you will find that your crown chakra is strengthened.

One of my friends here in the area, Jasmine, does waist beads as like her main thing when it comes to crystal work. She said something and I will never forget it. I think I have mentioned this in the crystals podcast here recently. She said she loved it because you can set it and forget it. Your conscious mind doesn’t get in the way of the rebalancing. So if you’ve got blocks that keep you from getting into that Crown chakra and self-actualizing–for whatever reason–you can get a piece of jewelry, a bracelet or a necklace, and wear it. You’re going to forget you’re wearing it at some point and during that time your subconscious is able to start pulling you forward and you’re not getting blocked by your conscious mind. That’s just a little bit of an introduction to the crown chakra.

II. Third Eye Chakra (Monday). The third eye chakra is related to Monday, the day of the moon. This is fitting because third eye is related to intuitive clarity. There is some sort of almost external download that you can get with your crown chakra being balanced. When you come into your third eye chakra, there is an intuition that is an internal compass that you will notice. Now I will talk about also that your gut or your sacral chakra will sometimes give you some hints that seem to come from a different area. Of course your solar plexus with your gut reaction can give you some ideas. When you are first starting to try to come up with these clear moments of needing to understand something differently, your intuition from your third eye comes into play. When your third eye is particularly balanced and not overactive, you will have a little bit more of an acknowledgement when you’re following your intuition and when it’s right and when you’re on track.

I had this happen a few times recently where I will go out in search of something and I will just all the sudden decide I’m going to turn in a totally different direction. I may think that I’m going to head to this store and I’ll turn and I’ll turn again and I’ll be at a totally different store. But I will have found something even better than what I was initially looking for. With this trip we just took we took, we were initially considering Gatlinburg. And, for whatever reason, it just worked out that we wound up in Chattanooga. It was perfect and the trip could not have been any better. The weather was great. The cabin was beautiful. There’s all kinds of little moments where, If you will let go–because you can trust your intuition because your third eye is balanced–you will come out better than if you had sat there and tried to plan it.

The beauty of the third eye is that it is very closely interlinked with the crown chakra. A lot of the times, if you’re working on one, you’re also working on the other. Like I mentioned earlier amethyst is kind of my favorite go-to for these top two chakras. You also see some people that will consider clear quartz because it helps to create clarity. The third eye is also associated with fruity scents such as apple cider, orange peels or lemon peels, in the tea. The aromatherapy scents go along the lines of fruit things. Again, orange or lemon, etc.

It’s very important to remember that, even though the pituitary and the pineal glands are sometimes interchangeable, most of the time when you think of pineal you think of light that comes in through the eyes I sees me. The pineal gland is associated with light. So a lot of people, when it comes to sleep, will notice that their third eye is very off–either it’s very closed or it’s wide open. That can be part of where their sleep issues are coming into play because the pineal gland is also where the signal is given for melatonin to be created.

III. Throat Chakra (Tuesday). Now, we move into Tuesday which is related to the throat chakra. And for those of you who are familiar with the Norse pantheon, Tuesday comes from “Tyr’s day” and “Tyr” is the god of justice. So in this scenario, if we’re looking at the gods as archetypes and the day has been after the archetype of Justice, then I think it’s a very interesting connection because you have to recognize that the god of justice loses power when communication is cut off. The god of justice is strongest when there is communication. And what does the throat chakra govern? Communication. A lot of the times we think of voice as communication because, for most people, voice is the primary form of communication. However, it doesn’t have to just stop with voice. It can be writing. It can be art. Whatever it is, communication is associated with the throat chakra. And communication is key for justice to be served. That’s the Tuesday connection.

The throat chakra is most associated with blue. When you’re looking at stones, a lot of the times you’re going to be looking for the blue stones. Lapis lazuli is probably hands down my favorite throat chakra stone or crystal. I think lapis is one of the best examples. I like it in necklaces. If you’re having something going on in the throat chakra, then I would consider a necklace because it is so close to the throat chakra. Some people will also use things like amazonite or sodalite. Sodalite is another big one. I kind of like the lapis with a little bit of gold speckled throughout.

The throat chakra responds very well to mint type plants. I don’t think camphoric for it is quite where I would go with it. A lot of people will use things like eucalyptus, which is okay, but it does have a little bit of a camphoric feel to it. My thought is more like spearmint, wintergreen, peppermint, etc. Spearmint is probably my favorite unless somebody has a very strong issue in the throat chakra. Spearmint is soothing. It doesn’t have as much of a jolt as peppermint. So people tend to respond well to it in a tea blend. It’s also very good in an aromatherapy blend. The peppermint can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Spearmint instead is a little bit relaxing. It’s a little more subtle when it comes to it.

The throat chakra also has a direct connection with the thyroid gland. A lot of women have issues with their thyroid. Of course, there are a lot of physical reasons that women have issues with their thyroid. But I also want us to consider the part where women are silenced a lot. Women are told their communication is curbed to be more pleasing to our society. And so it’s very interesting to see how these slower thyroids are more and more an issue for women. Especially as we become more conscious of how curbed the communication is. Just a thought. I’m not suggesting that all thyroid problems are going to be cured with throat chakra balancing because that’s not how this works. It can be good to consider maybe drinking a peppermint tea every day to create an energetic support while you’re dealing with other things.

I will do four chakras on Thursday. We’re going to deal with the heart chakra–related to Wednesday or Odin’s day. We’re going to talk about the solar plexus, which is related to Thursdays or Thor’s day. We’re going to talk about the sacral chakra, which is related to Friday or Freya’s day. And we’re going to talk about Saturday–or Saturn’s day–and the root chakra.

I encourage you, if you have questions, please reach out. We do have a Facebook group you can join. Natural Wellness Transformations is the Facebook page. The Facebook group is called Natural Wellness Transformations. If you are ready to get started with a consult, then make sure you go to If you’re on your phone, you’ll have to select page and then select consultation. If you’re on your computer, you should just be able to click consultation. Follow the prompts based on where you are to get started.

Until Thursday, I want you to be kind. Be patient with each other. And be loving be the light at this world needs.


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