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Larabeth Guthrie

November 14, 2019

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Today we are continuing the discussion of “Journeying Through the Garden of the Chakras with the last four chakras: the heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root.

I. Heart Chakra (Wednesday). I’m looking at a cyclical time-based system as we’re doing this journey. This is less about building a foundation and forcing it to stay in place and more about creating a fluid option that can ebb and flow as you need it. We discussed the first 3 days–Sunday Monday and Tuesday–in part two of this series. Now we come to Wednesday or Woden’s Day. Most of you probably know him from the Marvel movies as Odin. He is the supreme god of the Norse pantheon and he is known sometimes as a bit of a trickster god. He’s also known as a shaman type god or a healer. I think it’s very interesting to see this come into play at the heart chakra because we can all be tricked by our heart. People who have very large heart chakras that tend towards emanating extra energy out of the heart chakras, or have green auras–green is the color associated with the heart chakra–tend to be your healers.

The heart chakra is usually associated with green and pink. You’ll see a lot of people like to use rose quartz because that is a particular vibration that attracts agape or positive unconditional type love. A lot of people will use that, especially if they have trouble loving themselves. They will find themselves attracted to rose quartz. Malachite is one of my absolute favorite heart chakra stones. Sometimes if people have disturbances in their heart chakra, they will have issues with their immunity always being down. A lot of the times what I see is somebody who has worn themselves down in almost a “caregiver’s type syndrome”. Taking care of somebody else puts someone under a lot of stress. Then their immune system starts to wear down. The, always have the sniffles; they always have some sort of a cold. This is a very similar thing that goes on. And sometimes, you will find their heart chakra is weakened. It’s not necessarily closed off. It’s just that they’ve given and they’ve given and they’ve given of that energy, and they need nourishment. A lot of the times what I find is that someone’s heart chakra does need nourishment. The spicy herbs are very effective in supporting the heart chakra. So think of like your Christmas spices: cinnamon, anise, nutmeg, clove, etc. A lot of these are also found in the essential oils and you can do blends with those essential oils. It’s very interesting to me to see these herbs coming into play a lot in the winter months when we need a little bit more of an immune boost.

One of the reasons that this is so closely related to immunity and the energetic system is because the thymus gland, which sits right above the heart, is the endocrine gland that is associated with the heart chakra. If you are eating salads on a regular basis, you’re going to see that that helps the heart chakra because of the green and the leaves. Especially I love spinach and kale or something like that. Of course I take whatever is growing in my garden at the time. If you use those vegetables that are green, remember that colors are just certain vibration wavelengths, so you are actively ingesting things that are supportive of the heart chakra.

II. Solar Plexus Chakra (Thursday). The solar plexus chakra sits a little bit on your solar plexus. It is associated with the pancreas and the day that the energies are most beneficial to the solar plexus is Thursday, which is Thor’s day. Thor is the god of thunder and lightning. Thor is not just the god of thunder, he is a protector god. He is the god of power and of transmutation. Lightning can transmute all kinds of things into different things. When you’re looking at Anodea Judith’s book The Wheels of Life, you will see that she talks about how the chakra three–which is Manipura in her book–is the solar plexus chakra that we’re talking about. It talks about power. It talks about energy. It talks about will and the personal will. And to me, the solar plexus is the seat of our identity. A lot of our identity has to do with our willpower, what we choose, and the path that we choose for our life. When you’re looking at this on the surface, you’re going think that lightning bolts don’t make sense. After digging a little deeper, you begin to realize that the solar plexus chakra, with its natural state of willpower and coming into your own self-awareness around who you are and the path you were choosing, fits perfectly with this protector god known as Thor.

The solar plexus chakra is the first of what I consider the “lower chakras”. People who are a little more grounded tend to have a lot more energy in these lower chakras. But people tend to be a little more in the ethereal realms will notice that these lower chakras do not naturally have as much energy moving to them. Therefore, they may feel flighty. They may not be able to focus as well. People who are in their mid-to-late twenties may have their solar plexus do crazy things because a lot of the times there’s kind of a re-evaluation that happens then. You may change a little bit about what you’re trying to do or where you’re trying to go with things. And the solar plexus chakra comes into play in those moments and there’s a lot of fluctuation of energy in that area. A lot of the times if somebody’s making a change as far as career, they will also notice a fluctuation in their solar plexus chakra.

The solar plexus is yellow so normally I think of citrine when I think of the solar plexus. If you get a set of waist beads, it’s very helpful for the solar plexus and the sacral chakra. So if you’re looking for waist beads, my suggestion is to go for things in the lower chakras. That would make the most sense for the lower chakras and have a necklace for the upper chakras. And citrine comes into play. Some people also suggest amber is good for the solar plexus. I disagree. I think it’s more sacral. Just remember that the sacral and the solar plexus are a little bit like the third eye and crown. There’s a lot of kind of overlap as to the way people view things that work for them. Their vibrations are so similar that some of this stuff will overlap and nourish both.

The solar plexus is the woodsy scents: tree bark, willow bark, etc. These are also some of the just woodier type plants. Rosemary kind of falls little more into herbaceous. Sometimes I feel like especially the older rosemary that has a wood stem on it–even the leaves that you’re taking off of there have a little bit more of a woody undertone—those, to me, are the ones that I will harvest when I’m helping someone with the solar plexus.

A lot of the times when it comes to solar plexus things, you’re looking at digestion and how it’s working. Especially upper digestion because the solar plexus is so naturally linked to the pancreas. The islets of Langerhans, which are the pancreatic cells that produce insulin (which is a hormone) and that’s where the endocrine connection comes in. And the essential oils: cedar, pine, juniper, etc. Those are kind of woodsy scents that you will find are very helpful for the solar plexus.

III. Sacral Chakra (Friday). Friday is Frigg’s day or Frige or Freya. Freya and Frige are technically considered two separate goddesses, but they are also considered archetypes of the same goddess. The etymology of Friday comes from Frige’s day. But I tend to think of it as Freya’s day because the more modern interpretation is that Freya is the more sexual of the two beings. The sacral chakra is the root of creation. It is the root of fertility. Freya and Frige were fertility goddesses. They were the ones you looked to when you needed your crops to do good; when you needed to have children or whatever it might be. When you’re looking at it from the archetype angle, it makes sense that Fridays are your fertility days and that matches with the sacral chakra. A lot of people will want to talk about it from the angle of miscarriage, trying to get pregnant–and that is a part of it. Fertility is not just about when a man loves a woman and they decide to have a child. It is also about your creativity. It’s about bringing forth these ideas, listening to that gut reaction, and it’s almost like when I was talking about the crown chakra and almost getting an external idea–there’s something similar that happens with the sacral chakra. It almost feels like it’s an external idea that you get to create something. I mentioned earlier that I associate amber with the sacral chakra because of its orange color. Also because amber is one of Freya’s stones. When she loses her husband, she goes across the entire world looking for him. As her tears hit the ground, it becomes amber. So amber is a stone associated with Freya, the fertility idea, and it’s also orange. There are other orange stones: carnelian, etc., but I tend to almost always look to amber as the first stone that I work with in the sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra is also the herbaceous herbs. Think of your Mediterranean Kitchen: sage, thyme, oregano, etc. As always the essential oils can be used in a blend topically or diffusing–depending on what is safe and what you need in your particular situation. This is the chakra that is most different when it comes to men and women because it is associated with the testes and the ovaries. So, on the woman it is a little bit higher. It’s closer to the navel. On a man, a lot of times the energy can be found further down a little closer to the testes. This can sometimes cause a bit of confusion when somebody is first learning to feel for the energies because it will almost feel like something’s cut off if you’re used to working on a female and you switch to a male. It will be like the energy is not quite there and it’s okay. It’s just a lot of the times a lot closer to where people’s root chakra tends to sit when they are sitting or laying down. If they are standing and working on grounding, sometimes that root chakra energy goes into the floor.

IV. Root Chakra (Saturday). The root chakra is associated with Saturn or Saturday. Saturn is seen as an earth god. There was a Roman scholar, Varro I think was his name, and he talks about the fact that Saturn’s name came from “satus” which means “sewing”. It’s not actually linguistically sound to assume that. The point is that you can see from his writing that they obviously considered him a god of the earth. This works fantastically because the root chakra is your grounding; your connection to the earth. And the root chakra is associated with root herbs: dandelion root, chicory root, astragalus root, etc. Things that are in the ground initially are considered usually very strong and supporting the root chakra.

As far as scents are concerned, you have earthy scents. So when you’re looking at essential oils you’re looking for those deep earthy patchouli and whatnot scents that, in a blend, will always pretty much always be the bass note, but they will be very helpful in supporting that root chakra.

The root chakra is directly connected to the adrenals–the fight-or-flight sense. This makes sense because the root is your primal survival. Also, you’re going to see the root chakra come into play with red stones. The color red is the root chakra color. Red tiger’s eye is the first thing that comes to mind for me. Some carnelian leans a little closer to red. There is a ruby in zoisite that I like, even though it’s technically more green and pink which of course is related to the heart chakra, but I still really like it for the root chakra. A lot of the times they’ll be a connection there that’s very helpful for people.

I have dealt a lot with the root chakra because of the adrenal episode that I had. This is one of the first things that I started to notice with me. And when you get off of the color associations, you also notice that hematite is very heavy feeling. It is a grounding sensation and it is definitely associated with the root chakra. A lot of people wear will wear hematite necklaces or hematite waist beads. Or hematite anklets. Even though your root chakra is normally seen at the base of your spine, the energy flows the entire way to the ground a lot of the times. As a matter of fact, when somebody is standing up I will notice that their energy almost drops into the ground. This is not something that a lot of people teach. I think because most of the time when you’re thinking about the chakras, you’re in a Lotus position or you’re sitting down or laying down, but the energy there does tend to flow a little bit more freely into the earth. It moves a little bit more than the other energy systems and I think it is because it’s such a primal connection to the ground. Walking barefoot outside is a great way to ground yourself and help to support that root chakra.

You’ve now seen the seven chakras and a little bit about how you can go about balancing them, making them work for you. Of course I have a ton more information that we could delve into to those of you who own a place and you’re interested in me come and teach a class, please reach out to me. You can find my email at My email address is Send me a message that you’re interested and I’ll be glad to work out the details with you to make sure that it works well for both of us. Remember I only have five slots this coming year in 2020 for this adventure, so I hope that you will take advantage of that quickly.

Anybody who is ready to go ahead and make a consultation, I would love for you to go ahead and come in so that we can figure out what you need. Go to the website, click on the consultation tab, and if you’re in the Birmingham area, there are a couple spots where we can meet. If you need a home visit, you can call me or text me. Leave me a message and I will help you get set up for that. If you are remote, then we can always talk about what time would be best and we can do a teleconference. If you are in the Florence, Alabama area, I also do home visits there when I’m up in the area. We just need to kind of talk and I can get you a quote based on travel from where I stay up there, the time that I’m up there, and then we can set something up.

Until next time, I encourage you to be loving. Be kind to each other. Be patient and be the light that this world needs. Thanks.


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