When I ask people about their client retention plans, I get a lot of scattered, uncommitted answers that mostly end with “I can’t control my clients so I let the universe handle it”.

You know this is not a legitimate answer: this is a statement allowing you to excuse yourself from dealing with the reality that clients should come back and you don’t know what to do about it when they don’t.

This reality is especially painful if you have someone that came to you for a couple of sessions and then they move on… and you come across them a few months later in better health and gushing to their friends about some other practitioner that managed to get amazing results for them.

Those practitioners aren’t “lucky”. They just understand certain things about the mind-body-spirit connection that you may not have studied yet. They have made connections about the “why” that you haven’t.

But how do you go about finding out why your clients stop coming? How do you determine which ones you can bring back and who to let be?

It may be difficult to get a solid “exit survey” from clients who have wandered to a different practitioner. The good news is, now you don’t have to!

I have spent time tracking down old clients and listening to clients who come to me from other practitioners and have compiled a proactive list of reasons clients don’t come back… and what you can do to change that.

This isn’t your normal list: it isn’t about trying to force motivation onto clients… motivation (or lack thereof) is a symptom of a deeper issue. This discussion digs deeper into the root cause of clients not returning so that you have the chance to quickly implement the action items and make a significant difference in your client retention rates today.

Download the 5 reasons your clients don’t come back (and what you can do about it) here: