​So there’s all kinds of things that we mess up when it comes to our health. We let ourselves become overwhelmed by daily activity or we get discouraged when we don’t see results as fast as we want.

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Here are the three things that I let mess me (and my business) up this year! I hope this helps you to see that even experts can let the ball drop: Keep doing good even when you feel you are “unworthy”. Know that this is just a feeling and isn’t an accurate representation of your worthiness!!! <3

1. I got on a plane with no adrenal support
Oh lort. I flew for the first time this past January and some of you may even remember… I ended up in the hospital with dehydration issues two days after landing in Colorado.
But what was worse was the month it took for me to get back to a normal state once I was home!

I should have known that with my fear of flying I would need ​support for my adrenals and nervous system… but things were busy and I was in a hurry…

Getting excited about the trip and worrying more about packing and getting out there stopped me from taking care of myself properly: and I suffered.

Sometimes we let the immediate get in the way of the important.

It may feel hard to get something started because you have so many immediate needs.​

But chronically not taking care of yourself is not an option!!!!
2. I stopped working out and hid because of a comment someone made
Because of my adrenal failure, I had to go onto prednisone for awhile and that destroyed my body. I am still working to correct the weird inflammation issues 7 years later.
But I am still rather fit. I can keep up with the other black belts when I visit my old studio, I walk the dogs, and I get moving regularly.
At least I usually do, but a couple of months ago I came across a comment that one of my role models in the energy healing industry made.
They said something to the effect of, “When someone comes up to me and wants to present themselves as a healing expert, but their body looks neglected, I don’t understand how they think that is balanced!”
NOT an accurate depiction of what is happening for many people now.

But for a few days, it stopped me in my tracks.

What did she think of me when we talked? Was that comment about my extra fat?

But you know what?

It really doesn’t matter.

I know I am taking care of my body. My clients see that I take care of my body. We all have things that can make us feel​ like we don’t have the right to help people.

We DON’T have the right.  We have the RESPONSIBILITY!!!! 🙂 <3

So don’t let these people get to you.

3. I cancelled my massage therapy appointments for a month
My dad was dealing with some health issues and I ended up taking him to Vanderbilt and driving to check on him some.

So I cancelled my massage therapy appointments to make more time.

I was sooooo achy by the end of it, and felt like I was being sneaky by telling MY clients that they needed to go regularly.

I should have rescheduled instead of completely cancelling.

Wellness takes some effort sometimes.

Respect that, don’t beat yourself up when you goof up, and keep moving forward.


These are only three of the bigger trip ups that I have had the first half of the year. Everything is still going good and, even though these moments may have felt like hiccups, they are NOT that terrible. 🙂

So are you letting little things feel bigger than necessary?

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